We Al Zahir Steel Co. established in the United Arab Emirates in 2012 in response to the increasing demand of quality engineered metal fabrication works in the region. Metal Fabrication demand is driven by robust construction and infrastructure developments in UAE and we are happy to be a part of this development in this region. We have facilities to become a leading provider of a complete range of metal fabrication with aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel for oil field, manufacturing plants, structural steel erection and installation, repair and maintenance works, architectural works, and all kinds of customized fabrication works.It is managed by a team of well experienced personnels in the fabrication industry and we are known to have executed a number of prestigious projects within a short span of time since its inception in 2012.

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To continue earning the trust of our customers and business partners by maintaining the utmost professionalism and high standard quality.To seize every opportunity to serve our customers and employees in a better manner.

To promote our business by maintaining the highest quality in terms of products, services and to establish a safe and healthy work atmosphere.


To be recognized as a leader in metal fabrication that provides superior quality products and services beyond customer’s expectations.

Our Services

We serve our existing and prospective customers by providing services for their all kinds of metal fabrication, welding and installation needs. We provide Arc, Tig, Mig and Gas welding services for steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We provide any kinds of customized metal fabrication works.

Quality & Safety Policy

At Al Zahir Steel , offer our customers a level of quality products and services that are unmatched in the industry. We strive for 100% accuracy, and every piece manufactured is checked several times by quality control personnel throughout the fabrication process.

Safety is our first priority. We believe that management – as well as each and every employee is responsible for creating a safe workplace at all times. We adhere to the highest safety standards and strive every day to reach our goal of zero accidents.


Show the power of honesty to deliver quality products.

Excellence Differentiate us from our competitors because of our drive to pursue best quality and promote continuous improvement.Teamwork Develops our individual strengths and power, bringing out our full potential in achieving our goal.


Is our binding force that motivates us in achieving good quality products and customer satisfaction.


Our company holds health and safety of the people and environment in high regard. We follow strict protocol in case of emergencies We provide a range of metal fabrication service at competitive rates. It is managed by a team of well experienced personnel in fabrication industry and we are known to have executed a number of prestigious projects within a short span of time, since its inception in 2012.